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Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays  & Thursdays

Dates: MAY 10 - JUN 26


Time: 4:30 – 6:00 pm



  • 1 day – $205 (10% off for each additional sibling)

  • 2 days – $405 (10% off for each additional sibling)

  • 3 days - $590 (10% off for each additional sibling)

  • 4 days - $745 (10% off for each additional sibling)

*There is a $5 maintenance fee added to each player sign up and

added in the cart.

Red Ball:

  • Up to age 8

  • Slower moving ball

  • Beginner level

  • Practices on 36 ft courts

Orange Ball:

  • Up to 10 years old

  • Beginner level

  • Orange-dot ball moves 50% slower moving than a standard yellow ball

  • Practices on full size court with modified line

Green Ball:

  • Up to 12 years old

  • Understands basic stroke techniques and scoring

  • Green-dot ball moves 25% slower than yellow ball

  • Intermediate level

  • Practices on full court

Yellow Ball:

  • Age 12 and up or based on skill level

  • Understands basic strokes, serving, and top spin

  • Yellow ball is the fastest moving ball

  • Requires coordination and good reaction time to hit

  • Intermediate to advanced level



Players are divided up into Red, Orange, Green and Yellow ball skill level. Greater emphasis is placed on beginning rallies with a feed and rallying back and forth using basic tactics with consistency and learning how to implement them based on their opponent. Players will learn positions on the court, how to keep score, and terminology of specific shots.

**Optional drop-in rate is $30 per day. Must give a 24-hour notice to Coach Val (209) 298-3389 so that we can staff the clinic with the appropriate pro to player ratio.

Tennis is an excellent way to help kids stay active and meet new friends!

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