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Private Lessons

Tennis Match
Contact: Coach Val (209) 298-3389 or Coach Pedro (850) 483-4478.
Hours of availability: 7:00am – 8:00pm, Monday – Sunday.

Are you ready to take your tennis to the next level? Private lessons with a coach can be the key to establish good techniques, correct bad technical habits, and improve your game. Any of our experienced coaches will be able to focus on your specific needs and pick up on the finer points of your game, which is not always possible during group clinics alone.

If you already have a preferred coach, please let Coach Val or Coach Pedro know when you call to schedule. If you’re not already established with a coach, we can help you choose the right coach for your specific level and goals.

Valentim-Goncalves-Jr. (1).png

Valentim Goncalves, Jr.

$75 / hr.


Pedro Roese

$75 / hr.

To learn more about our coaches

Please visit our Meet The Coaches page

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