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Higher Surveying La Putt 566.pdf chriugo




Service Excellence is Our Specialty putt 566.pdf (An error in this article has been corrected. The original description of the way the 2008 elections operated is incorrect. The election process took place over one weekend. The 2008 General election was decided by voting on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The errors were discovered when the last election results were compiled on Thursday. The article has been amended. A new article has been added to provide an accurate description of the election process. July 20, 2013. 2102-6643) It's here! The 2011-12 Calendars are now for sale! Order yours today. Once in a great while, I come across someone who is really interested in the the County Board of Supervisors and the County's laws and who is willing to look at the Board's role in the budget process with a critical eye. In an effort to promote the best interest of the Board, I decided to set up a two part series. The first installment will provide a brief look at the Board of Supervisors and how the voters think the Board is doing. This will allow you to make an informed decision if the Board deserves re-election. The second installment will look at the budget process from the Supervisors point of view and how they intend to resolve the budget crisis. This is a serious topic that requires serious consideration. Please review the information carefully. I will provide a link at the bottom of the article for you to download the CD-ROM. It took all of my good-will, support and political acumen to make it happen! I sincerely appreciate your support! It was a team effort to make this event a success. I want to thank and give credit to the following individuals for their support and efforts on the event: David Miller, Mike Mierzwa, Joe O'Donnell, Brian Tipton, and Nick Solomon. The County's Surplus Property. On January 11, the County Board of Supervisors will determine the amount of the Surplus Property that can be sold. If the Board determines that any sale of the Surplus Property is necessary, the sale will be advertised in the Gazette and posted on the County web site. According to County legislation, the amount that can be sold is based on the value of the land and the taxes that will be due on that land if sold. The Board can also reduce the




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Higher Surveying La Putt 566.pdf chriugo

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